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The Universal Congregation
of the Holy House

The Universal Congregation was found in 1883, in order to spread devotion to the mistery of the Incarnation, to Our Lady and to the Holy Family, and to contribute and to decorate by wills and offerings towards the Shrine and its works.

The Congregation edits the magazines of the Sanctuary: Il Messaggio della Santa Casa (in italian language) and The Shrine of the Holy House (in english).

The Congregation edits and promotes studies and publications about the history of the Shrine.

Enrollment - It is extended to all the devotees Of Our Lady of Loreto, who wish to spread the venerated title and to cooperating in carrying out the istitutional aims of the Sanctuary and to share in the spiritual benefits granted to those enrolled:
  • Plenary indulgence on the day of enrollment end on 10th December
  • Participation in the merits of the Mass which is celebrated daily in the Holy House for the members living and decease.
  • Participation in the prayers said in the Holy House and in the Order of the Friars Minor Capuchin.


Please, contact:
Congregazione Universale S. Casa
60025 Loreto AN
Tel. +39.071.970.104
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History of the Congregation