The Shrine of the Holy House

The Coat of Arms of Archbishop Fabio Dal Cin

Every bishop has his coat of arms with a motto in Latin, usually taken from the Sacred Scripture, with specific symbols. Archbishop Fabio Dal Cin for his coat of arms has chosen the following motto: In te Domine speravi, which is part of a verse of Psalm 31, which continues with these words: non confundar in aeternum, in iustitia tua libera me. In the English translation it reads: In you, Lord, I take refuge, and continues: let me never be put to shame. In your righteousness deliver me. The shield shows the Archbishop Astylar Cross, called also “patriarchal”, with two traverses, adopted long ago, in the XV century, by the patriarchs and then by the archbishops. Above the Cross the Gallero Hat, from which hang down on the two sides the customary twenty green tassels. In the right drape of the shield (to the left of those who look at it) is represented a Star, which makes reference to the Marian invocation in the Litanies of Loreto “morning Star” and to the Immaculate, in whose liturgical feast Archbishop Dal Cin received his priestly ordination, and in a special way it alludes to the Shrine of the Holy House of Loreto. On the opposite side is seen a Lilyin heraldry form, iconographic symbol of St. Anthony of Padua, patron of the parish of Sarmede, which is the one of the new Archbishop, with a clear reference also to the famous Padua Shrine.
In  the  center  part,  below,  stands  out  the  figure of an Anchor, traditional symbol of christian Hope, coming from the Letter to the Hebrews, 6:19: “hold fast and firm...”. The form of the anchor recalls that of the coat of arms of St. Pius X, who originated from the Marca Trevigiana, land of the new Archbishop of Loreto. The color of the main area of the shield is yellow for gold, traditional symbol of Faith. The red of the rope symbolizes the virtue of Charity, by which one loves God and neighbor up to giving one’s life. The blueof the drapes symbolize the ascent of the soul towards God. The coat of arms, faithfully reproduced on an ample space, will be exposed on the facade of the Basilica of Loreto substituting the one of Archbishop Giovanni Tonucci.