The Shrine of the Holy House

Bull of nomination of Archbishop Fabio Dal Cin in English Translation

Bull of nomination
Francis bishop servant of the servants of God, to the beloved son Fabio Dal Cin, priest of Vittorio Veneto, constituted Archbishop prelate of the Prelature of the Holy House in Loreto and Pontifical Delegate of the Shrine of the Holy House of Loreto as well as Pontifical Delegate of the Basilica of St. Anthony of Padua, greetings and apostolic blessing.
From the time that our predecessors made every engagement and care as regards the church in Loreto, we too are committed to support and to continue the previous provisions and works, so that the same heavenly Mother be piously venerated and the faithful gathered there be mercifully welcomed. As the venerable brother Giovanni Tonucci consigned his demission, consequently we have thought to elect a new shepherd. Therefore, we have turned to you, beloved son, armed with congruous virtues, with the conviction that you may sustain fruitfully this office. Therefore with the counsel of the Congregation for Bishops, supported by our apostolic authority, we name you Archbishop Prelate of the Prelature of the Holy House of Loreto and Pontifical Delegate of the Shrine of the Holy House of Loreto as well as Pontifical Delegate of the Basilica of St. Antony of Padua, with the addition of all the rights and obligations that the canonical prescriptions foresee for your state. You may receive the episcopal consecration from whatever Bishop outside of the city of Rome.
But first it is necessary that you make the profession of faith and emit an oath of fidelity to us and to our successors, according to the laws of the Church. Of your election you will inform the clergy and the faithful, while we exhort all for an engagement in christian life and respect in your regards. Nothing else remains, beloved son, than to encourage you while you are about to assume this ministry. The Lord Himself, with the intercession of the Virgin Mary and St. Anthony of Padua, will abound you with heavenly aid, from which guided and comforted, also by the praiseworthy work of the Capuchins, you will be able to lead the whole community, showing the healthy and joyful teaching of the Savior.
Given in Rome, St. Peter’s on the 20th of May, in the year of the Lord 2017, fifth year of our Pontificate.
Pope Francis