The Shrine of the Holy House

2 September 2017.Entrance of ArchbishopFabio Dal Cin in Loreto

p. Giuseppe Santarelli

"The Shrine of the Holy House” extends its most cordial and deferent welcome to the new Archbishop Fabio Dal Cin, named by Pope Francis as the Pontifical Delegate of the Shrine of the Holy House and Prelate of Loreto, two pastoral functions instituted by Paul VI with the constitution Lauretanae Almae Domus of 24 May 1965.
The double duty that awaits him is most noble: custodian of the Shrine of the Nazareth House of Mary, transported and venerated in Loreto, and shepherd of the Church in Loreto. It has been mentioned many times that the Prelature, of limited geographical and demographical dimensions  exists  because  in  Loreto  we  find  the “first Shrine of international fame dedicated to the Virgin and, for various centuries, the true Marian heart  of  Christianity”,  as  John  Paul  II  defined  it in his Letterfor the VII Centenary of Loreto on 15 August 1993. It’s obvious, therefore, that the pastoral care of the new Archbishop will be focused above all on the Shrine in its multiple expressions: welcoming pilgrims, including those from foreign countries who are greatly increasing, liturgical life, evangelization, ministry of the sacrament of Reconciliation, care and valorization of the massive artistic and cultural patrimony and the administration of the assets. For the Shrine, the new Archbishop can count on the valid collaboration of the Capuchin Friars, called for the religious service of the same by Pius XI  with  the  Pontifical  Chirograph  of  24  September 1934, and on the competent cooperation of the staff of the Pontifical Delegation and of the Universal Congregation of the Holy House. In every sector the new Archbishop can rely upon people with expertise that his wise care as Shepherd is called to orientate, stimulate, support and correct.
His pastoral care extends then to the faithful of the Prelature. Loreto has been defined as the “city of Mary”, because, as John Paul II mentioned on 10 September 1995 during an improvised speech in Our Lady’s Square, addressed to children he said: “here in Loreto there is a very particular situation:  in  the  midst  of  the  houses  one  finds the House of Mary.” Our Lady, in some way, has become a co-citizen of Loreto placing her residence in their city where, for a marvelous design of God, has been collocated her earthly dwelling. Upon this little yet chosen portion of the Church the new archbishop has been called to practice his own pastoral activity and he will not lack the effective correspondence and collaboration from the parish priests, the religious and the faithful. May the Virgin of Loreto open the doors of her Nazareth House, mystical space of the mystery of the Incarnation, to welcome the new Archbishop and extend upon him her maternal protection! 
Along with the fervid greeting of welcome on behalf of all, is added the promise of a special prayer for his great ministry.
Welcome, Archbishop Fabio!