The Shrine of the Holy House

Monsignor Fabio Dal Cin named new Archbishop of Loreto

On May 20, at 12 o’clock, it was officially  announced that Pope Francis has accepted  the  resignation of the Prelate and Pontifical Delegate of the  Shrine  of  Loreto, Archbishop Giovanni Tonucci  for  reached age limits and that he has named, as his successor, mons. Fabio Dal Cin, who substitutes him also in the assignment as Pontifical Delegate for St. Anthony’s Basilica in Padua. The rector 
with the Capuchin friars at the service of the Shrine of the Holy House, the Parish priests and the faithful of the Lauretan Prelature, the personnel of the Pontifical Delegation and of the Universal Congregation, the direction, editorial staff and the cooperators of this magazine, present the most sincere thanksgiving to the Archbishop Tonucci for the ten years of generous pastoral service and the most fervent wishes to his successor Msgr. Dal Cin for a fruitful apostolate. While awaiting to publish the Decree of nomination of the new archbishop, we publish here the letter diffused on May 20, by the Pontifical Delegation and by the Prelature of Loreto, containing a declaration by Msgr. Tonucci and the curriculum vitae of the newly-elected Archbishop, and a letter of Msgr. Dal Cin to the same Prelature and Delegation.

The  Pontifical  Delegation  and  the Prelature  of  Loreto  are  happy  to communicate  that His Holiness Pope Francis has named the new Archbishop and  Pontifical  Prelate  in  the  person  of Msgr. Fabio Dal Cin,  of  whom  we  attach a letter addressed to the faithful of 
the Prelature of Loreto. Msgr. Giovanni Tonucci,  having learned of the nomination of his successor, declared the following: “We welcome with  immense  gratitude  the  decision  of  the Holy Father who, in his pastoral care for the Church, has given a new Archbishop to the 
Prelature of Loreto in the person of Monsignor Fabio Dal Cin. The new Pastor will be received  with  respect  and  affection.  Since 
now we prepare our hearts for a new season of  faith  and  evangelical  engagement  under his  guidance,  while  we  entrust  to  the maternal protection of Mary, Monsignor Fabio and his mission among us.”

Curriculum vitae of Msgr. Fabio Dal Cin
Msgr. Fabio Dal Cin was born in  Vittorio  Veneto  (diocese of Vittorio Veneto and Province of Treviso)  on  January  23,  1965.  He 
accomplished  the  studies  of  the primary  and  secondary  school  at Sarmede, where he resided. After this  he  attended  the  Minor  and Major diocesan Seminary. On December 7, 1990 he was ordained a priest  for  the  diocese  of  Vittorio Veneto. In 1990 he was named parochial Vicar of the Cathedral of Motta di Livenza. In 1998 he was entrusted the  position  of  Animator  of  the Youth  Community  of  the  diocesan  Minor  Seminary,  of  Vice-Director  of  the  Diocesan  Center  for Vocations  and  he  frequented  the 
specialization  courses  at  the  Institute  for  “Pastoral  Liturgy”  of Saint  Giustina  in  Padua,  where he attained the License in “Sacred 
Theology  with  liturgical-pastoral specialization”.  In  the  year  2000 he  was  named  as  Bishop’s  Delegate  for  the  Vocational  Pastoral  and  Director  of  the  Diocesan Centre  for  Vocations  and  in  2001 Professor of Liturgy in the Interdiocesan  Theological  Study  for Treviso-Vittorio  Veneto.  In  2003, he received the position of Animator of the Major Seminary and of Episcopal Master of Ceremonies. In 2004 he was named Member of the Commission for the formation and ministry of the Permanent Deacons. Since March 2007 he is an Official of  the  Congregation  for  Bishops. In 2011 he achieved the Doctorate in  Theology  at  the  University  of Saint Anselm in Rome. Since 2012 he is Chaplain of His Holiness. At present he is giving spiritual assistance  at  the  Shrine  of  “Madonna 
della Quercia” in Rome.