Patroness of the Aviation

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Italian Aerobatic Patrol “Frecce Tricolori”

Our Lady of Loreto has been choosen as the Patroness for air travellers. This is probably due to an attractive theory, telling about the flying transport of Mary's house from Nazareth to the Illyria (1291), first, and to the territory of Recanati (1294) on the second step.

Yet in the XVII and XVIII centuries poets and artists commemorated that wonderful transport with amazing fantasy, imagining the flight of the Nazarene house similar to a modern jet aircraft.

The Prefect of the Congregation, Cardinal Antonio Vico submitted the request of relationship between the Holy Mary and all air travellers to Pope Benedict XV who granted the request, as can be read in the Decree enacted on 1920, March 24th, on the eve of the Annunciation day.