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Our Lady of Loreto

Really many events take place in Loreto during the whole year. Conventions, meetings of associations and movements, processions, visits of important people liven up the daily life of the Sanctuary.

September "Lauretano"

The 8th september, day of the nativity of the Madonna, is a great festivity for Loreto, and all the town “dress” its Sunday clothes for many days. The "Settembre Lauretano" offers a series of civil and religious events, such as horses' races, festivals, commemorations and various shows. The top of these celebrations is the solemn procession with the statue of the Madonna, along the streets of the town.

"The Arrival" Event or "Festa della Venuta"

On the nigth of December, 9th, the "Festa della Venuta" remembers the transport to Loreto of the house of the Madonna: in the countryside around Loreto people light many fires as to draw the way throughout the fields and all the bells ring. Many people come from the nearby countries to assist the solemn procession with the statue of the Madonna. On December, 10th the religious feast culminate with the Solemn Pontifical Mass in the Basilica.

The Passion of Christ

Every year on Holy Friday, at Villa Musone ( a little village down the hill of Loreto) more than 200 people in historical costumes recall the Passion of Christ. This miracle-play called "La morte del Giusto" (the Death of the Righteous) takes place along the streets of the town up to the fortified walls of the Sanctuary.

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International Sacred Music Festival

Virgo Lauretana

The International Sacred Music Festival "Virgo Lauretana" is the great engagement that, every year, extends the joy of Easter and anticipates the jubilation of the month of May: the month of Our Lady! Loreto becomes the home of beautiful singing and the school which re-educates to enjoy the melodies, which over the centuries, picked up the echo of the infinite beauties and harmonies, which are God. Recently, on the initiative of the bishop Mons. Gianni Danzi, the ancient "Musical Chapel of Loreto" began singing again under the direction of Master Fr. Giuliano Viabile.

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Agorà of the youth of the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea has plenty of story and adventures, exchange and culture, it’s the cradle of different peoples and surprising civilizations joined by the same passion: the willing of meeting together. The "Agorà dei giovani del Mediterraneo" has taken place for years in September at the "Giovanni Paolo II Centre", in Montorso, that become for this occasion a big square for the young people coming from all countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

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