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Holy House of Loreto

Ever since the XVI century the devotional "lauretana" tradition involved many religious, artistic and literary meetings, and the Holy House become not only the goal for a lot of pilgrimages but one of the most important spiritual and cultural center in Europe too.
The Holy House is "a rest for the soul", place to meet God and sometimes the inspiring reason and source of strength for new enterprises.


Ever since 1936 the UNITALSI and similar associations organize, from april to october, pilgrimages to Loreto for sick and invalid people, the so called "white trains", with their burden of pain, faith and hope.

Web site: www.unitalsi.it

Macerata - Loreto

This Pilgrimage, promoted by the catholic association “Comunione e Liberazione”, is a manifestation of popular faith of thousands young people. During the night walk, along about 26 Km among Marche hills, the pilgrims alternates Rosaries, songs and significant witnesses. The top event in the history of the pilgrimage was the participation of Pope John Paul II, at the starting point of the XVI event, on June 1993.

Web site: www.pellegrinaggio.org

Eurhope 1995

More than 400.000 young people from the whole Europe joined the great pilgrimage to Montorso (a beautiful and vaste field nearby Loreto) on 1995, the 9-10th September, where Pope John Paul II welcome them to pray all together.

Azione Cattolica - 2004

Pope John Paul II visited Loreto five times during his papacy, the last of them for the Pilgrimage-happening of the Azione Cattolica association in September 2004.

Agorà dei Giovani - 2007

About 500.000 people participated in the big pilgrimage so-called "Agorà dei Giovani" with Pope Benedict 16th on 2007, 1st and 2nd of September. The event took place in the clearing of Montorso, already tested to host this kind of meetings.